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Being Fabulous in Business is the compilation of Drs. Judith Sherven and James Sniechowski’s transformational approach to overcoming the Imposter Syndrome – what they call The Fear of Being Fabulous™.

Organized into nine segments, each with four to eleven powerful lessons and stories averaging three minutes each, plus two bonus segments, this four-hour audio course addresses how to recognize and overcome the symptoms and struggles of the Imposter Syndrome, see the impact and emotional cost of negative head talk, break through deep-rooted resistance, redefine failure, let go of others’ discomfort, follow through with change, become your best self, discover your true supporters, and consistently create excellent results at work.

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In their combined 50 plus years of experience coaching the best and brightest, including top executives at LinkedIn, Credit Karma, Unity Technologies, and Qualtrics, husband and wife psychology team Judith and Jim discovered that accomplished professionals from Directors to Vice Presidents to C-suite executives often experience deep-seated feelings of inadequacy despite substantial evidence of success that prevent them from fully realizing their professional and personal objectives.

Professionals experiencing The Fear of Being Fabulous™ find themselves limited by self-doubt, reluctant to speak up and take on new initiatives, and afraid they do not measure up or deserve the recognition, praise, and authority they have been given. Organizationally, boards of directors and stakeholders want executives who possess the passion, drive, urgency, and gravitas necessary to lead with authority, inspire action, and deliver results. When not addressed, these two sides of the same coin lead to high turnover, constant recruiting, the inability to attract and retain great talent, lost opportunities, and poor performance.

Informed by Judith and Jim’s depth of experience coaching, guiding, and counseling some of the most influential technology leaders of our time, Being Fabulous in Business takes professionals on a journey of self-discovery designed to identify the fundamental beliefs, assumptions, and instinctive reactions that hold them back from fully realizing their professional and personal potential.